Steamship Unterwalden

Steamship Unterwalden
from Lucerne


Built in 1902 by Escher Wyss, Zürich
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
  62 13.7 1.58 353 300.5 478 14
Three pass boiler, with one oil fired furnace.
Compound engine with Gooch valve-gear.

Steamship Unterwalden moored front view The Paddle Steamer Unterwalden has been classified as heritage of national importance.

The engine room aboard Paddle Steamer Unterwalden

Steamship Unterwalden boiler burner
Paddle Steamer Unterwalden's boiler and its burner.

Steamship Unterwalden boiler superheater control
Paddle Steamer Unterwalden's boiler with the actuator for the steam superheater contol.

Steamship Unterwalden engine crankshaft
The compound steam engine's crankshaft.

Steamship Unterwalden engine barring-gear
Paddle Steamer Unterwalden engine. Leftmost is the feedwater pump, in the middle is the green air pump and under the red cover to the right is the barring gear.