Steamship La Suisse

Steamship La Suisse
from Lausanne-Ouchy


Paddle steamers La Suisse sailing
Built in 1910 by Sulzer Brothers, Winterthur
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
  78. 5 15. 9 1.61 518 437 1030 14
Scotch Marine Steam Boiler with two oil fired furnaces. 10.5 bar
Compound engine with Gooch valve-gear.

Paddle steamer La Suisse mooredPaddle steamer La Suisse ready to depart.
The Paddle Steamer La Suisseis the flagship of the fleet of CGN. With her size, distribution of new spaces on board and her general magnificence, the Steamship La Suisse remains the most prestigious steamer on Swiss lakes. The rudder is equipped with an electro-hydraulic control. Other technical and aesthetic modifications are made. The Paddle Steamer La Suisse has been completely renovated and restored to her original shape.

The engine room aboard Paddle Steamer La Suisse

Boilers oil burners
The boiler and its two oil burners.
During the winter of 1959-1960, the boilers were converted to operate on oil. In the end of 1968, the Paddle steamer La Suissewas immobilized for 3 years due to the defective condition of her boilers. Their replacement were inevitable and a single large boiler was installed.

La Suisse engines crankshaft
The steamship La Suisse's engines carankshaft and the big end of the connecting rods.

Paddle Steamer La-Suisse crankshaft
Paddle Steamer La-Suisse crankshaft with the large black suport that imparts the paddle wheels force to the ship. Leftmost are the eccentrics for the Gooch valve-gear.

Steamship La Suisse lubrication device
Steamship La Suisse cylinder lubrication device.