Steamship Storskär

Steamship Storskär
from Vaxholm


Steamship Storskär
Built in 1908 at Lindholmens Varv in Gothenburg
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
SGPD 38.95 7.03 3.00 256 102 412 13
Scotch Marine Steam Boiler with three oil fired funaces
Triple expansion engine with Stephenson's link-motion.

Steamship Storskär moored at a quay in Stockholm

Steamship Storskär moored with her bow to the quay just as most of the steamships in Stockholms.


The engine room aboard Steamship Storskär

Oil fired scotch marine boiler
Steamship Storskär's oil fired scotch fire tube boiler's three pressure jet atomized burners.


Triple expansion steam engine
The top of the Steamships triple expansion steam engine. The high pressure slide-valve is a piston-valve and the intermediat- and low pressure slide-valves are D slide-valves.


Steam driven cooling water pump

Cooling water pump driven by a singel cylinder steam engine.
Note that the Steamship Storskär uses the old code of colors on her pipes;
red for steam,
yellow for condensate,
green for sea water,
and blue for fresh water.


A new boiler from Novikat Oy was installed in 1999

Fire tubes and combustion chambers
The corrugated fire tubes and the combustion chambers at the workshop.


Scotch steam boiler
The new Scotch fire tube boiler on its way to Steamship Storskär.