Steamship Stockholm

Steamship Stockholm
from Stockholm


Steamship Stockholm in Stockholm
Built in 1931 at Oskarshamns Varv, Oskarshamn Sweden
Refurbished and lengthened in 1958 at FV Hollming Oy, Rauma Finland
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
  36.53 8.57 3.25 235   636 10
SGLD 48.72 8.60 2.77 658 215 808 11
Scotch Marine Steam Boiler with three furnaces.
Triple expansion engine with Stephenson's link-motion
Two diesel engines, Volvo Penta TAMD
Before Strömma Kanalbolaget took over, she lay for years at the dock and was infested with moisture and mold. The old mail steamer has been recreated to how a coastal cruiser looked like in the past, with lounges, bars, libraries, smoking rooms, ladies salon and sundeck. The decor is art deco inspired from the 1930s, when the steamship was built. The steamship is designed to held larger private parties for trips in the Stockholm archipelago. On board there is room for more than 300 seated restaurant guests.


Steamship Stockholm did look better in the old daysMail steamer Íland moored at a quay in Kalmar
In the fifties, when the steamship Stockholm's name still was Postångaren Öland, I participated in a repair aboard. She had run aground outside the city of Borgholm and some plates had to be replaced. A great number of pipes under the flooring in the engine room had to be dismounted before the work with the hull could start.
She had a very nice engine room. All the brass was highly polished and all pipes were painted in accordance with the old color code; red for steam, yellow for condensate, blue for fresh water, green for sea water, brown for lubricating oil, black for fuel oil and so on.
The Steamship Stockholm is Nowadays propelled by diesel engines.