Steamship Sankt Erik

Steam Icebreaker Sankt Erik
from Stockholm


Steam icebraker Sankt Erik
Built in 1915 at Bergsunds Mek.Verkstad, Stockholm
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
SHRA 61 17 6.5 1441   2943  
Four single-ended Scotch Marine Steam Boilers with three furnaces each. 12 bar
Main Triple expansion engine with Flodman's valve-gear.  2060 kW
Prow Triple expansion engine with Klug's valve-gear.  883 kW

Steamship Sankt Erik moored
The Icebreaker Sankt Erik moored at Galärvarvet close to the Wasa Museum in Stockholm.
The Steamship Sankt Erik is steamed up and sailed at some special occasions.


The engine room aboard Steamship Sankt Erik

Boiler open for inspection
The Steamship Sankt Erik has four single-ended scotch fire tube boiler with three furnaces each. One of the four boilers is open for inspection. The lids for the smoke chests are removed. Notice the three steam driven rotary cup burners.


Icebreaker Sankt Erik main engine top
The icebreaker Sankt Erik's main steam engine top.
At the top of the pictures the two D-slide-valves for the low and the intermediate pressure cylinders, and rightemost on the picture is the piston-slide-valve for the high pressure cylinder.