Steamship Motala Express

Steamship Motala Express
from Stockholm


Steamship Motala Express from Motala
Built in 1895 at F. G. Sandwalls Mekaniska Verkstad, Munksjön Sweden
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
SFOD 35.67 6.63 3.00 249 94 265 14
Scotch Marine Steam Boiler with two furnaces. 11 bar
Triple expansion engine with Stephenson's link-motion.

Steamship Motala Express at quay in Motala
The Steamship Motala Express is a fast and comfortably steamship and also a good representative of the craftsmanship and engineering of F. G. Sandwalls Mekaniska Verkstad. She was built not only for passengers, she was also constructed to take a large amount of goods.
Steamship Motala Express is the highest representative of a fast-sailing comfortable steamship from the 1890s and also a good representative of Jönköping Mechanical Engineering craftsmanship and engineering. Steamer Motala Express was built not only for passengers, the ship was constructed also for taking large amounts of goods over the lake Vättern. Around the lake there are big Indstries and operating communities, such as forsvik, Motala, Aspa, Huskvarna and Jönköpmg and for transportation to and from these was steamship traffic on Vättern and through the Göta canal extremely important. The ship has been in Stockholm gone through a renovation to the ship's original appearance, as far as possible.

The engine room aboard Steamship Motala Express

Steamship Motala Express with Scotch Marine Boiler
The steam boiler aboard the Steamship Motala Express is fired up by means of two small light oil burners.
The boiler is coal fired. The light oil burners are merely used to ignite the coal.


Steamship Motala Express Marine steam engine
The steamships triple expansion steam engine's maneuvering place and one of the boiler's furnaces.
Hydraulically driven bow- and stern-thrusters have been installed onbord the steamship.