Steamship Freja

Steamship Freja af Fryken
from Sunne


Steamship Freja
Built in 1869 Motala Mechaniska Werkstad
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
SHJI 20.26 4.15 1.5 36 11 11  
Scotch Marine Steam Boiler with one furnaces.
Single cylinder steam-engine with valve-gear and expansion slide-valve.

Freja af Fryksta
Steamship Freja loaded with turists for a voyage on the lake Fryken.

The engine room aboard Steamship Freja af Fryken

Marine Boiler
Steamship Freja's fire tube boiler with one furnace

Singel cylinder steam engine
A front view of the single cylinder steam-engine aboard the Steamer Freja.
Motala Verkstad sent this 15 horsepower machine to the Paris World Exposition 1867 and won a gold medal. Later the engine was installed aboard the steamship Freja, at that time named Kalmarsund 3.

Slide valve rod and expansion slide rodDetails of the famous engine aboard Steamer Freja.
The back side of the steam-engine valve gear and the expansion slide valve rod.
To the right is the expansion slide valve rod, linked from the quadrant.
The rightmost lever is used to adjust the expansion slide rod's length of stroke.

The Steamship Freja was foundered in 1896 and the wreck was salved 1997. When you see the steamship today you cant imagine that she has been on the lake-floor for 98 years of time.
With pomp and circumstance the steamer Freya left Fryksta, 23 July 1997, for her second maiden voyage.