Steamship Bohuslän

Steamship Bohuslän
from Gothenburg


Steamship Bohuslän
Built in 1914 as no.166 at Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstad, Gothenburg
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
SDKM 43.13 7.42 2.59 304 114 405 12
Scotch Marine Steam Boiler with three oil fired furnaces.
Triple expansion engine with Stephenson's link-motion.

Steamship Bohuslän departing Karlshamn
Steamship Bohuslän departing Karlshamn. Steamships are rare visitors to Karlshamn.

The engine room aboard Steamship Bohuslän

Steamship Blidösund steam boiler with three furnaces
The boiler front with two of the steamships three fuel oil burners visible. The burners are firing and the engine-room telegraph is in "full ahead" position; the triple expansion engine is running at full speed and the Steamship Bohuslän is sailing at twelve knots.
The Steamship Bohuslän is fired and operated from the engine room. A steamship of this size normally doesn't has a separate boiler room.

Steamship Blidösund cooling water pump
In the background, the steamships condenser cooling water-pump; a centrifugal pump driven by a single-cylinder steam engine.
To the right, a duplex piston pump and valve arrangements for the pumps inlet and outlet sides.
Some pipes are still panted in accordance with the old color code; red for steam, yellow for condensate, blue for fresh water, green for sea water... This color code use aboard steamship Bohuslän is very common aboard steamships.


Steamship Blidösund steam engine air pumpThe feed-water plunger-pump, the air-pump and the bilge plunger-pump are driven by links from the high-pressure piston's crosshead. The condenser's flanged end to the right. Down to the right; an air dome to reduce the pulsation in the water line.

The steamship Bohuslän a still sailing ship from the steamships era, a hundred years ago.
Intensive maintenance has brought the Steamship Bohuslän back to the water of , Bohuslän, the west coast of Sweden. Careful refurbishment has given the steam engine, the Scotch marine boilers and the saloons almost the same magnificence as this old steamship had at the delivery trip.