Lars Josefsson | Steamship Skibladner

Steamship Skibladner
from Gjøvik


Paddle steamer Skibladner
Built in 1856 at Motala Verkstad, Motala Sweden
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
  50.29 5.05 1.6 206   446 12
Two oil fired Scotch Marine Steam Boilers installed in 1983. 12 bar
Triple expansion engine with Klug's valve-gear. New engine 1888

The oldest paddle steamship in the world?   Originally she didn't look like this.
One funnel has been removed and she has been lengthened by seven meters.

Steamship Skibladner
Paddle Steamship Skibladner in gentle breeze on the lake Mjøsa, the largest lake of Norway.


The engine room aboard Paddle Steamer Skibladner

Paddle Steamer Skibladner's Scotch boilers
The paddle steamer Skibladner's Scotch boilers with pressure atomizing burners.


Paddle Steamer Skibladner crosshead
Paddle Steamer Skibladner's engine, crosshead and connecting rod for one of the cylinders.


Paddle Steamer Skibladner eccentric rodPaddle Steamer Skibladner eccentric rod and pendulum for the Klug's valve-gear.