Lars Josefsson | Steamship Oster

Steamship Oster
from Bergen


Steamship Oster
Built in 1908 at Christianssands Mek. Værksted
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
LEPF 36.2 6.6 2.4 191   220 9.5
Scotch Marine Steam Boiler with two oil fired furnaces.
Triple expansion engine with Stephenson's link-motion.

Steamship Oster at quay in Gothenburg The Steamship Oster moored outside the whaler Southern Actor at quay in Gothenburg.
The story of Steamship Oster begins when the city of Modalen at the beginning of the previous century was plagued with winter insulation, when the old ship failed to break the ice into Mostraumen and into Mofjorden. The Commune told Indre Nordhordlandske Dampskibsselskab that it had to build a new ship with a strong hull and powerful engine that could break the winter insulation of the municipality. Although she failed to get to the pier at Mo, she managed to make her way to a safe ice edge, so that goods could be unloaded and passengers could walk ashore.
Steamship Oster was a reliable and popular ship and she had only two captains for the first forty-four years. It was evident that those who signed on stayed aboard until they retired.
The ship was confiscated and use by the Germans during the the Second World War, but after the war she was repaired and sailed on her routes until she became the only coal-fired steamer in the port of Bergen.


The engine room aboard Steamship Oster

Steam engine top
The top of the Steamship Oster triple expansion engine. In a steam engine provided with Stephenson's link-motion are cylinders and
steam chests always in a straight line.
From the top:
the low pressure cylinder,
the low pressure steam-chest,
the intermediate pressure cylinder,
the intermediate pressure steam-chest,
the high pressure cylinder,
the high pressure steam-chest, the latter is provided with a piston slide valve, hardly visible on the picture.

Triple expansion engine
The triple expansion steam engine aboard Steamship Oster.


Propeller thrust block
The Steamship Oster propeller-thrust-block, to the left, is an axial bearing that imparts the propeller force to the ship.