Steamship Woltman

Steamship Woltman
from Hamburg


Steamship Woltman
Built in 1904 at Sachsenberg, Rosslau an der Elbe
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
DUUJ 22.24 5.54 2.60 103   197 8,7
Scotch Marine Steam Boiler with two furnaces. 10.5 bar
Compound engine with Klug's valve-gear. 125 rpm

Steam tug Woltman
The Steam tug Woltman moored i Flensburg. The old steamship is ready to depart for a voyage.
The Steamship Woltman is the last sea-going coal fired steam tug in Germany.
The tugboat Woltman was working with the dredger XI and stationed at the Wasser- und Schiffahrtsamt in Cuxhaven.
The tug Woltman was in use until 1976, but was then scrapped for economic reasons and sold. After successful repair of the hull, the boiler system and the engine, the tugboat was back in service on 12 January 1994.
The steam tug Woltman should be refurbished to her original condition of 1904, to keep as a technical monument in service and make it available to the public.
By the general condition of the ship a complete restoration was necessary.
The Steam Tug Woltman got a new boiler, which was built after the original and the hull, machinery and all other equipment have been restored. The funnel was extended to its old length.
Finally, the tugboat Woltman could make voyages in June 2004 after a successful inspection by the Germanischer Lloyd and the See-BG.


The engine room aboard Steamship Woltman

Scotch fire tube boiler
The Scotch fire tube boiler with two furnaces aboard the Steamship Woltman.
For many years the Scotch fire tube boiler was the most common boiler aboard steamships.


Steam engine top
The compound steam engine top aboard Steamship Woltman. Notice the steam chests at the side of the cylinders that is typical for the Klug's valve-gear.