Steamship Wal

Steam Icebreaker Wal
from Bremerhaven


Steamship Wal
Built in 1938 at Stettiner Oderwerken
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
DBHK 50.00 12.35 5.25 662 208 606 12
Two water tube steam boilers. 16 bar. Originally three burners in each boiler, today only one.
Triple expansion engine with Stephenson's link-motion.

Icebreaker Wal at quay in Flensburg
Steamship Wal at quay in Flensburg.
The steamship was in active service for the harbor authority at Rensburg for more than 50 years. Since 1990 the steamship Wal serves as a floating museum ship in Bremerhaven.


The engine room aboard Steamship Wal

Water tube boiler
The steamers starboard water tube boiler. Each boiler was originally provided with three burners, nowadays its only one burner in each boiler. Down to the right one can see the blind flange for one of the burners.


Steam engine top
The top of the triple expansion steam engine. Piston slide valves for the high and intermediate pressure cylinder and a D slide valve for the low pressure cylinder.


Steam engine connecting rod
The steamers low pressure piston's connecting rod and the red painted barring gear.