Steamship Kapitän Meyer

Steamship Kapitän Meyer
from Wilhelmshaven


Steamship Kapitän Meyer sailing
Built in 1950 at Seebeck-Werft, Bremerhaven
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
DBHL 52.10 9.08 3.50 555   736 12
Two water tube steam boilers. 14 bar. Originally three burners in each boiler, today only one.
Two triple expansion engine, each 500 HP.

Steamship Kapitän Meyer moored in Flensburg
Steamship Kapitän Meyer in Flensburg during the Dampf Rundum 2006.
The steamship sailed several times with passengers on the Flensburg Fjord.


The engine room aboard Steamship Kapitän Meyer

Steamship Kapitän Meyer steam boiler manoeuvering desk
The steamers boiler room and the manoeuvering desk for two water tube boilers.


Steamship Kapitän Meyer triple expansion steam engines
The manoeuvering place for the two triple expansion engines aboard the Steamship Kapitän Meyer.
The big wheels just below the engine-room telegraphs are used to reverse the main engines. The wheels have to be turned lots of turns to reverse the main engines from full ahead to full astern. A small single cylinder steam engine is installed on each reversing wheel to facilitate the turning of them.
This is rather common in steamers of this size.