Steamship Elbe

Steam Icebreaker Elbe
from Hamburg


Steamship Elbe sailing
Built in 1911 by Wiemann Brothers Shipyard, Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
  30.80 7.45 1.60   193.55 206 9
Scotch Marine Steam Boiler with two coal fired furnaces. 12.5 bar
Compound engine with Klug's valve-gear.

Steamship Elbe mooredSteam icebreaker Elbe moored


The engine room aboard Steamship Elbe

Steamship Elbe's steam boiler
The steamship Elbe's coal fired Scotch marine steam boiler.


Steamship Elbe crankshaft
Steamship Elbe's compound steam engine. The crankshaft, on of the connecting rods and one of the eccentric rods.


Steamship Elbe auxiliary engine
The Steamship Elbe's auxiliary engine. A single cylinder steam engine used to drive an electric generator for the electric power onbord.