Steamship Pieter Boele

Steam tug Maarten
from Leeuwarden


 Steam tug Marten from Leeuwarden
In 1926 built by SA shipyard Gebrs. v.d. Yard Deest, as a river tug for the Zeeland streams.
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
  19.46 4.7 2.1     110  
Scotch marine steam boiler with one oil fired furnace.
Triple expansion engine with Hackworth valve-gear

Steam tug Maarten's saloon
The saloon aboard the steam tug Maarten.


The engine room aboard Steam tug Maarten

Steamship Maarten steamengine
Steam engine built in 1926 by I.A. Kreber Vlaardingen as Triple Expansion Machine.

Steamship Maarten steam engine with Hackworth valve-gear
The steam engine's Hackworth valve-gear linkage.


The SS Maarten is a monumental Dutch steam tug , known as Cor Adri, went into service by for Dordrecht tugboat shipping company Gebbroeders Forest in 1926

The steamship Maarten regularly participate in events to show the original ship to the public. It lets passengers enjoy a nostalgic cruise, from the silent triple expansion steam era . This exclusive cruise is impressive and brings you back nearly 100 years into the steam age.
Cruise on the Frisian lakes, with or without brunch/Music. Visit to Woudagemaal followed by a cruise. Shuttle passengers through ports max 40 people. Fully catered cruise on Wadden Sea and IJsselmeer. Deployed throughout the Netherlands for maritime events.