Steamship Elfin

Steamship Elfin
from Wormerveer


Ex. Royal Navy Steamship HMS Elfin
Built in 1933 by J.Samuel White & Co Ltd Cowes, UK
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
  32.0 7.5 2.4     183 9.5
Scotch marine steam boiler with two oil fired furnaces. 10 bar
Two compound engines with Stephenson's link-motion.

Steamship Elfin sailing
Steamship Elfin departing a harbor in The Netherlands
Steamship Elfin, Ex. Royal Navy Steamship HMS Elfin, departing


The stokehold aboard Steamship Elfin

Steamship stokehold
The Steamship Elfin furnaces are on the fore side of the boiler and therefore a stokehold is required.
The stokers are about to light up one of the two oil fired burners.


The engine room aboard Steamship Elfin

Engine room with two compound steam engines
The Steamship Elfin manoeuvring place for the two compound steam engines. Notice the quadrants and the eccentric roads for the Stephenson's link-motion