Steamboat Mascot

Steamboat Mascot
from New Orleans, LA


Steamboat Mascot sailing
Built in 1997 by Bill Holland in D’Iberville Ms
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
  12.2 3.7       36,8  
Brian water tube steam boiler, 20.7 Bar
Compound engine with Stephenson's link-motion

Mascot operator console The throttle and reverse levers are controlled at the captain's steering console.

The engine room aboard Steamboat Mascot

Mascot compound engine
The steamboat Mascot's Bryan boiler is rated at 36 HP and designed to operate at 20.7 Bar. The boiler has automatic low water shut off with operating pressure control, high limit pressure control. There are two steam boiler feed pumps and two back up electric boiler feed pumps. The exhaust from the steam boiler feed pumps goes through a closed system to heat the water in the hot well and then into the keel cooler.
The 50 HP compound steam engine with Stephenson's link-motion was built by the U.S. Navy in 1918.

Mascot engine remote control Mascot engine remote control
The steam engine's remote control system on board the steamboat Mascot.

Mascot feedwater pump

The steam exhaust into a keel cooler, an air and condensate pump operating off the main shaft then pumps the condensate through a filter and then into the hot well.
The picture shows the feed water filter and part of the feed water pump.

There is a 12 KW 120 VAC single phase generator under the after deck which is necessary to run the ½ HP burner motor. There is A/C for the foreword cabin, a bow thruster as well as a Deflector Rudder.