Steamboat Agnes

Steamboat Agnes
from Born, Dalarna


Steamboat Agnes
The origin of the hull is unknown.
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
SLU 12 10.60 2.46 1.0     9 6
Vertical smoke tubes boiler.
Compound engine with Joy's valve-gear. Installed by Södra Varvet, Stockholm in 1899

Steamboat Agnes moored at a landing-stage
The Steamboat Agnes moored waiting for next voyage on the lake Ljugaren.

The engine room aboard Steamboat Agnes

Steam engineThe Steamboat Agnes steamboiler, a vertical boiler with
one furnace and 150 smoke tubes.
Notice the steering wheel astern of the steam engine.

Compound engine
The Steamboat Agnes compound steam engine, very likely from a launch belonging to a man-of-war in the Swedish navy, viewed from starboard side.

Details of the Joy's valve-gear are hard to distinguish on this picture.

Compound steam engine

The steam engine viewed from port.
The steam chests and the slide valve rods are visible on the picture.

The brass cylinder between the steam engine and the steering wheel is a heat exchanger, exhaust steam heats feedwater before the steam leaves through the funnel.