Steamboat Hjejlen

Steamboat Hjejlen
from Silkeborg


Paddle steamer Hjejlen
Built in 1861 at Baumgarten og Burmeister, Copenhagen Denmark
Call sign Measures in meter Tonnage Engine
Length Beam Draught Gross Net
OYFM 25.7 3.8 1.3 38.5 27.3 18 8
Scotch fire tube boiler with one furnace. 8 bar
Twin oscillating cylinders steam engine with Stephenson's link-motion.

Paddle steamboat with figurehead
This Steamboat Hjejlen is propelled by two paddle wheels, one on each side, driven by a two-cylinder steam engine. The Paddle Steamer Hjejlen is the oldest paddle steamboat still in operation in her original form.
Time passes and the Paddle Steamer Hjejlen still sails, actually being the oldest paddle steamer in the world. The steamboat is nowadays registered for 165 passengers and four crews. The crew consists of captain, chief engineer, stoker and ticket collector. A trip with the Paddle Steamer Hjejlen is a unique experience with the combination of the vicinity of the great Mid-Jutland scenery and being aboard a great technical wonder as the steamboat Hjejlen - the ship's original steam engine since 1861, day after day propelling the steamboat and with only one serious technical accident; the crankshaft cracked in 1946 and was replaced. The Steamboat Hjejlen still sails on her original rout, Silkeborg - Himmelbjerget - Laven.


The engine room aboard Steamboat Hjejlen

Fire tube steam boiler
The coal fired steam boiler and the furnace door aboard the Steamboat Hjejlen.


Steam engine crankshaft
The steam engine crankshaft, with the exentrics for the Stephenson link-motion.


Steam engines manoeuvring place
The steam engine manoeuvring place with the wheel for reversal of the eccentric motion.
The steam chest with the slide valve for one of the pistons is visible just below the reversal wheel.