steam-engine valve-gears

Steam-engines Valve-gears


Caprotti valve-gear This system, borrowed from the internal combustion engines, opens poppet valves controlled by cams on a camshaft.
Carlsund thread A pinion moves the outer casing axially, as a rack gear, and that movement turns the eccentric on the crankshaft and the engines rotation reverses.
Flodman's valve-gear Flodman valve-gear seems to be most used on Swedish steam engines
Gooch valve-gear Gooch valve-gear is very similar to Stephenson link-motion.
Hackworth's valve-gear The eccentric rod's suspension point moves to-and-fro in a straight line by means of a block sliding in a slotted guide.
Klug's valve-gear Changing the pendulums suspension point changes the engine's rotation.
Stephenson's link motion The slide valves are placed at the engines ends and/or between the cylinders and therefore the engine is longer than if it had had horizontal eccentric rods.
Stompf unidirectional A cam on a camshaft, opens the steam inlet seat-valve a short time.