Lars Josefsson

Lars Josefsson

Lars Josefsson
By Lars Josefsson

A brief presentation of myself

My name is Lars Josefsson. I am from Sweden and I have worked with steam boilers and heavy fuel oil burners almost all my life. During the years I have designed automatic control systems for more than one hundred boilers for ships that are sailing on the seven seas in tankers, cruise liner, general cargo ships, etc.

My professional background

One decade as second- first- and chief-engineer in the merchant marine. Mostly general cargo ships with manual control of everything. You can't imagine the feeling and understanding of a control loop you can achieve by operating it manually.
Fifteen years as instrument and control technician at an oil-refinery, operating plants for steam production as well as common refinery plants like crude oil distillation, viskbreaker, desulphurization plants etc. Maintenance, reparation and tuning control loops, systems and instrumentation.
Almost twenty years with a boiler maker, starting up marine steam boiler plants and designing control systems for marine boilers as well as control systems for exhaust gas heat recovery systems for diesel power plants.

I have made two windows program that can be used freely: one for Fuel Oil Calculations and another for Measuring Units-Conversions.

I live in Karlshamn, a small town in the southern part of Sweden.
Beside the Swedish language I can make myself understood in English and Spanish.

Mailing address:
Mr. Lars Josefsson
Prästslättsvägen 18,
374 40 Karlshamn,