Units Conversion Program

Units-Conversion Program

By Lars Josefsson

We all know that conversion from American units into metric units and also conversion from metric units into American units may be a bit tricky. The metric system is the basis for Système International d'Unités (SI), the modern system of units used in science and technology, and increasingly in trade and commerce.

A wide range of Measuring Units

You can get accurate conversions between any measuring units with the Units conversion Program. It supplies a large number of unit-conversion possibilities in 45 categories. Just double-click a measuring units category to open a new window that shows all of the available units. Click on the unit you want to convert, then enter a value to instantly perform the conversion. You can choose between scientific and fixed point formats and quickly copy the desired conversion unit to the Clipboard.

Accuracy is an important concern with measuring Units Conversions

The Units in this program is, as far as practical, derived directly from the Basic Conversion Factors and calculated with a precision of eighteen significant figures. You can choose between two different ways of displaying values:
Fixed point format: The number of decimals in the result will be the same as you have entered, but never less than three. Example: 1 lb.= 0.454 kg, but 1.00000 lb.= 0.45359 kg
Scientific format: All figures displayed. Example: 1 lb.= 4.53592370000000000E-001 kg

Download the and unpack the files Units.exe and Units.cfg into the very same directory. Then click the Units.exe to start. Please use this Windows-program free of charge.

Units conversion programSelect a category of units to convert. Then choose a unit and enter your figures.
Metric Units conversions

The source code for the Units-conversion program is for sale. Please make an offer.
I am the sole owner of the program.