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Swedish Steamships

Steamship Blidösund
Steamship Bohuslän
Steam Icebreaker Bore
Steamship Boxholm II
Steam ferry Djurgården 3
Steamship Domnarfvet
Steamship Drottningholm
Steamship Ejdern
Steamship Elfdalen
Steamship Engelbrekt
Steamship Eric Nordevall II
Steamship Flottisten
Steamship Freja af Fryken
Steamship Frithiof
Steam ferry Färjan 4
Steamship Mariefred
Steamship Motala Express
Steam tug Nalle
Steamship Norrskär
Steamship Polstjärnan
Steamship Saltsjön
Icebreaker Sankt Erik
Steamship Stockholm
Steamship Storskär
Steamship Trafik
Steamship Tärnan
Steamship Warpen
Steam tug Örnen
Steamship Östa
Steamship Östersund

Swedish Steamboats
Steamboat Agnes
Steamboat Alma
Steamboat Bäsinge
Steamboat Forsvik
Steamboat Gerda
Steam tug Herbert
Steamboat Lagaholm
Steamboat Munter
Steamboat Nossan
Steamboat Robert
Steamboat Runn
Steamboat Spiggen
Steamboat Thor