Strandpromenaden in Karlshamn



The promenade follows the shore from Näsviken to the Fishing Harbour

Emigrant monument från 1959 av Axel Olsson
The Promenade begins at the Emigrant Monument from 1959 by Axel Olsson. Karl Oskar look forward, toward the unknown, while Christina looks back.

Vigorous exercise route
A strenuous exercise stretch

Nice walk
or a pleasant walk, as you want.

The old restaurant, Saltsjöbaden, is no longer open.

House constructed without a building permit?
Karlshamn's beautiful boardwalk now has a house that interferes the idyll. Tenants balconies bordering almost directly to the promenade.

View from the Villla Utsikten towards Ortholmen
The Restaurant Villa Utsikten. A good place to rest on when walking the promenade.

Fine cliffs for sunbathing
Fine rocks for sunbathing.

Looks like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
A short distance is the promenade suspended on a mountainside.
Was it that wey the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built?
The sauna raft can be rented.

Pilot Boats
FMA station with two pilot boats.
If you are lucky you may see any of them set off to assist a ship.