Blekinge Maritime Museum

Blekinge Maritime Museum


Blekinge Maritime Museum Blekinge Sjöfartsmuseum
Drottninggatan 5
374 35 Karlshamn

Map to the Blekinge Maritime Museum

Blekinge Maritime Museum is located near the port of Karlshamn. If you walk along the wharf in the harbor, you see an old lighthouse which is located outside of the museum, at the red dot on the map.
Blekinge Maritime Museum is housed in a former tobacco warehouse from the early 1800s. Now, it houses maritime collections that tell the history of navigation in Karlshamn and Blekinge. The Maritime museum has guides who themselves have sailed to sea.
A mine from the WW2, at the museum entrance, is also part of the reality that seafarers have had to reckon with.


The machine-telegraph was used to maintain contact between the bridge and engine room. The handle on the bridge machine-telegraph was with wired to the indicator on the engine room machine-telegraph and the handle of the engine room machine-telegraph was wired to the indicator on the bridge machine-telegraph.
At maneuver the officer on the bridge gives an order by set maskintelegrafens handle on the appropriate box and machinist in the engine acknowledges that orden are perceived by set the engine room telegraph on the same box.

Engine-room telegraph

Blekinge Sjöfartsmuseums yearbook, Blekinge ångbåt & segel

Blekinge steamship & sail is the name of a book which Blekinge Maritime Museum releases ones a yeay. This book of ships, shipping and seafarers is very readable for all who that are interested in the maritime industry from past and the present day.
Many articles are written by the sailors who sailed the seven seas.

Blekinge Maritime Museum's well arranged rooms

Ship radio room
Example of a radio room aboard a ship
A radio room recreated at Maritime Museum. The radio officer was also the ship's clerk.

Ship's store
A old commercial shipping
An example of a ship store. The ship's store deliver everything the ships needed.

Klubb Maritim in KarlshamnKlubb Maritim
Klubb Maritim has had many meetings with Blekinge Maritime Museum in Karlshamn.