Karlshamn, my home town



Regatta for rowing-boats
Pea-soup-sailing, a regatta with only Blekinge skiff, is one of the highlights of Karlshamn. The sailing is organized by Matviks Sailing Club and the contestants are treated to pea-soup after the race.

Larger Blekinge skiffs called vraekor often had two masts. In the old days the Blekinge skiffs was common along the coast of Blekinge.

Blekingseka in gold A gold jewelry in the form of a Blekinge skiff adorn often Karlshamn fancy ladies.

The jewelry design is protected and made by master jeweler Erikson Janolow.


Pedestrian area in the center of Karlshamn

Drottninggatan is at its central part a pedestrian zone
Drottninggatan is at its central part a pedestrian zone. Although Karlshamn rulers trying to get people to drive to outer regions supermarkets, there are still many who acting in the smaller shops in the center of Karlshamn.


Karlshamn band pass City Hall a summer Saturday

Summer Saturdays Kl. 10 goes marching band by Karlshamn
Summer Saturdays Kl. 10 goes marching band by Karlshamn and stops for a moment on the square to brighten the lively market trade with a little popular, often rhythmic, music.


Attractions in Karlshamn

Manhole covers in Karlshamn
One should not only look up when walking in Karlshamn. Surprises are also on the ground. This iron lid in the form of an older coin is a good example.
Karshamn was originally a Danish harbor place called Bodekull. The king Karl X Gustav made it a the city in 1664 and 1666 it was named Karlshamn. The regular town plan was made by Erik Dahlbergh. The church, a cruciform church of granite, was built in 1702 after drawing by Erik Dahlberg. Karlshamn, several older wooden buildings such as former town hall, built in 1682 and restored in 1913, a half-timbered houses with projecting upper floor. There are also several private older wooden buildings. There is food, engineering and stone industry, and a steam power plant that starts when the electricity consumption in southern Sweden is high.


Memorial plaque on the square in Karlshamn

Another surprise on the ground in Karlshamn.
Memorial plaque on the square in Karlshamn Here, the Turk Deli Mustafa, on June 7, 1717, murdered his foreman Omer Pasha. The Turks were found in Karlshamn to claim back money that the Swedish king, Karl XII, borrowed for his campaigns.