Boiler glossary

Boiler glossary K


KELSON, KEELSON -- The wrought-iron saddles or standards that support cylindrical boilers of the Scotch marine type. Sometimes called boiler cradles.
Longitudinal strength member of a ship that forms the hull-plating stiffeners.
KELVIN (K) -- The SI unit of thermodynamic temperature. The measurements are made from absolute zero; the temperature interval corresponds with that of the Celsius scale, so that the freezing point of water is 273.15 K
KEROSENE -- A petroleum fraction with a boiling range or 150°-300°C, relative density
0.78-0.82, flash-point not lower than 32°C; used in lamps and heating appliances. Another type of kerosene (with higher volatility), known as vaporizing oil, is used in some internal-combustion engines; and kerosene-type fuels are of great importance for gas turbine and jet engines.
KILO -- Prefix denoting 1000; used in the metric system. E.g. 1 kilogram = 1000 grams.
KILOVAR (kVar) -- The unit of measure of reactive power; the power supplied to most types of electromagnetic equipment, such as motors.
KILOVOLT AMPERE (kVA) -- A commonly used unit for expressing the rating of a.c. electrical machinery. The volt-amperes of an electric circuit are the mathematical products of the volts and amperes of the client.
KILOWATT (kW) -- The electrical unit of power equal to 1,000 watts.
KILOWATT-HOUR (kWh) -- The basic unit of electric energy equal to one kilowatt of power supplied to or taken from an electric circuit for one hour. 1kWh  =  3.6 MJ (Megajoule)
KINETIC ENERGY -- Energy available as a result of motion that varies directly in proportion to an object's mass and the square of its velocity.
KINETIC THEORY OF GASES -- The conception of gas molecules as elastic spheres whose bombardment of the wall of the containing vessel due to their thermal agitation causes the pressure exerted by the gas. The theory gives a simple explanation of the gas law and has yielded valuable results concerning gaseous viscosity and molecular dimensions.
KIP -- A unit of mass equivalent to 1000 lb
KNOTS -- A unit of speed equivalent to one nautical mile, 1852 m, per hour.