Glossary of steam boiler terms by Lars Josefsson

Glossary of Steam Boiler Terms



Articles are arranged strictly in the alphabetical order of their headings; this was found to be the best way of dealing with, for example, the terms beginning with the letters steam-, which in this dictionary occupy a number of articles.
This Steam Boiler Glossary of Terms will not add to the knowledge of the specialist as far as his own field is concerned: for this he will look elsewhere. What it does is to explain or describe in non-specialist language all those marine and steam boiler terms which may be encountered in reading, conversation, in study, business or professional practice, by those who have no training in the discipline concerned.
By adding new terms, this boiler glossary of terms is continuously growing.

Abradant -- Atomizer
Backwash -- Busbar
CCAI -- Crown Sheet
Damper -- D-slide-valve
Economizer - Exothermal
Fail-Safe -- Fusible Plug
Galloway Boiler -- Grate
Handhole -- Hydrazine
Impeller -- Isothermal
Jack Box -- Junk Ring
Kelson -- Knots
Labour -- Lug
Magnaflux -- Mud Drum
Naphta -- Nuclear Boiler
Oem -- Ozone
Panting -- Pyrometer
Quadrant -- Quarter
Rankine Cycle -- Risers
Safety Valve -- Stoker
Tack Welding -- Tuyere
UL -- Uptake
V2M8 Boiler -- Volatile
Wash Plate -- Wing
Xenon -- Xylene
Yard -- Y-voltage
Zerol Gear -- Zirconium