Low pressure air burner

Low pressure air burner


Air pressure fuel oil AtomizerThe principle is similar to that of the rotary-cup-atomizer, but the fuel is forced to rotate in a fixed cup by means of a forcefully rotating primary airflow. Their general construction makes them suitable for firing into chambers of hot brickwork, avoiding all the hazards of back radiation to oil burners of more delicate construction. Low pressure air atomizers imply air pressure up to 100 mbar (40 ins. WG.).


Petrokraft™  low pressure air atomized burner

Petrokraft AB burner

A Primary air inlet.
B Secondary air duct.
C Primary air valve.
D Fuel oil nozzle.

The advantages of the low-pressure air-atomizing burner:

Meets exact demands for effective combustion and operating reliability.
Optimized fuel nozzle allows maximum atomization of the fuel oil.
Built-in protection against oil drip.
Constant circulation of fuel oil that guarantees hot fuel oil in the burner from the start.
Is easy to start even with heavy fuel oils.
Constant air/fuel mixture over the entire turn down range.
High turn down range.
Flame can be adapted for the furnace.
Fully automatic operating and proportional control.
Is easy to open and to serve.

The low-pressure air-atomizing burner with PB windbox.

Low-pressure air-atomizing burners with separate primary (atomizing) and secondary fans are used for capacities greater than 750 kg/h and at high over pressures. The burner is suitable for top or front wall assembly and the air intakes can be mounted in different directions.