Marine Boilers Development

Heavy Fuel Oil Atomizating


Fuel pressure jet atomizer The pressure jet atomizer utilizes the supply pressure energy to atomize the fuel into a spray of finely dispersed droplets
Intenal mix steam atomizer The burner lance consists of two concentric tubes, a one-piece nozzle and a sealing nut. The media supplies are arranged so that the steam is supplied down the centre tube and the fuel oil through the outer tube
External mix steam atomizer The steam-assisted pressure jet burners atomizer is designed to make full use of pressure jet atomization at high outputs and full use of blast atomization at low outputs
Rotary cup atomizer The fuel oil flows at low pressure into the conical spinning cup where it distributes uniformly on the inner surface and throws off the cup rim as a very fine oil film
Low pressure air atomizer The principle is similar to that of the rotary-cup-atomizer, but the fuel is forced to rotate in a fixed cup by means of a forcefully rotating primary airflow
Medium pressure air atomizer Boiler plant usually employs the medium pressure air atomizing burner that is capable of extremely fine atomization and low pollution
Blue flame burner atomizer In the blue flame burner some of the hot gases from the flame are recirculated back to the inlet where they mix with and heat the combustion air