Daniel Fraser boiler

Daniel Fraser boiler


Boiler drawings
This boiler was produced in 1836 at Motala Verkstad, Sweden for the Paddle Steamer Eric Nordevall. These boilers didn't have tubes, but plate-ducts for the exhaust gases to pass through the water space.
Fraser's Boiler from 1836 is very different from the Carlsund boiler from 1846. There is no fire tubes nor flue tubes. The boiler is between the James Watt's Wagon Boiler and the Carlsund boiler.

Daniel Fraser's steam boiler

A Daniel Fraser boiler produced in 2009 at Karlskronavarvet, Sweden for the
Paddle Steamer Eric Nordevall II
The replica of the steam boiler is almost ready for the pressure test.

Notice that the boilers level gauge glass is mounted higher up than the try cocks on the boiler drawing. This gives a very small steam space and it might cause carry-over.