Combustion Engineering V2M8 Boiler

Combustion Engineering V2M8 Boiler


V2M8 boiler cutaway view

V2M8 Boiler whose major design features are the gastight waterwall furnace and the vertical in-line inverted U-loop superheater.

The marine boiler shown is top-fired with resulting improved gas distribution over the entire superheater furnace. Both the main-bank tubes and superheater elements are in-line for improved tube cleaning. Normally, soot-blowing equipment includes retractable blowers in the superheater and rotary blowers in the main bank and economizer.
The combustion air preheater, on the top of the steam boiler, heats the inlet combustion air to the burners by means of the flue cases and improves the efficiency of the boiler.

V2M8 marine steam boilers steam and water flow diagram

V2M8 boiler,
water and steam flow diagram

Blue: the downcomers lead the water from the steam drum to the water drum and the waterwalls headers.
Red and blue: the evaporation tubes and the water walls lead the water and steam emulsion back to the steam drum.
Red: the steam passes through the superheater before it leaves the boiler for the consumers.


Installing V2M8 marine boilers

One large V2M8 boiler is installed in a ship at a shipyard and another marine boiler is still suspended in the crane-hook.

When the marine boilers are placed and secured then the engine room will be built around them.

The hole in the floor just astern of the marine boilers will be the place for the propulsion steam turbine.