Cochran steam boiler

Cochran boiler


Cochran donkey boiler
The Cochran steam boiler has a dome-shaped furnace top that forms the bottom of the boiler itself. It has a neck on the front through which the boiler is fired and there is another on the rear part of the top that leads to a higher located combustion chamber. The combustion chambers backside is covered with brickwork and from its front-side a horizontal bank of flue-tubes leads to the smoke box on the front side of the boiler.

The Cochran donkey boiler, or auxiliary boiler, was used in harbor when the main boilers were not needed for the propulsion of the ship and consequently the steam demand was low.

Cochran three pass wetback fire tube boiler
Cochran Marine Thermax

A modern version of the Cochran boiler. This three pass wetback boiler is designed to comply with European boiler specifications.
Two of those Cochran boilers were installed in the paddle steamer Waverley in August 2000.Paddle Steamer with Cochran marine steam boilers