Marine steam boilers development

Marine Steam Boilers Development


Babcock Wilcox marine steam boilers In a Babcock & Wilcox water-tube steam-boiler are the water-tubes lying, but slightly inclining towards the boiler front
Belleville marine steam boilers The marine steam boiler feed water was fed into the to the feed water collector, at the lower end of the tubes, by means of an automatic feed water controller
Carlsund marine marine steam boilers Still very low steam pressure but you can see some of the Scotch marine steam boiler's ideas already used
Combustion Engineering V2M8 marine steam boilers V2M8 marine steam boiler whose major design features are the gastight waterwall furnace and the vertical in-line inverted U-loop superheater
Combustion Engineering V2M9 marine steam boilers The most outstanding feature of the V2M9 marine steam boiler is the combustion
Cochran marine steam boiler The Cochran marine steam boiler has a dome-shaped furnace top that forms the bottom of the boiler itself
Composite boilers Composite marine steam boilers are combination of oil-fired boilers and exhaust gas economizers
Eckrohr marine steam boiler Eckrohr marine steam boiler, Corner Tube marine steam boiler, is a marine steam boiler for all kinds of fuel. Originally it got its name because it has downcomers in the four corners
Exhaust Gas marine steam boilers Exhaust Gas marine steam boilers also known as Exhaust Gas Economizers, with extended heating surface, used for waste heat recovery in motor ships
Fraser marine steam boiler These marine steam boilers didn't have tubes, but plate-ducts for the exhaust gases to pass through the water space
Gunboat marine steam boilers The gunboat marine steam boilers were, as the name indicates, used in small navy ships such as gunboats, escort vessels and corvettes where the width and the height were limited
Howden-Johnson, a hybrid Scotch marine steam boiler The Howden-Johnson marine steam boiler tried to improve the poor water circulation in the common Scotch fire-tube boilers by adding water-tubes in a dry-back combustion chamber
LaMont, Forced circulation marine steam boiler The LaMont marine steam boiler is a once-through or semi-flash boiler in which the boiler water is circulated by means of a pump through long closely spaced tubes of small diameter
Normand marine steam boilers The main difference between the Normand marine steam boiler and the Yarrowboiler is the external downcomers.
Nuclear marine steam boiler Nowadays marine nuclear marine steam boilers are used in large navy ships and icebreakers serving in Arctic waters
Prud'Hon Capus, a hybrid Scotch marine steam boiler It was claimed that this modification made the Prud'Hon Capus boiler 10 per cent more efficient than conventional Scotch fire-tube marine steam boilers
Schulz marine steam boilers Schulz marine steam boiler has three water drums at the bottom; connected to the steam drum by means of bended tubes that discharge below the water level in the steam drum
Scotch marine steam boilers A Scotch marine steam boiler consists of a steam drum and one to four fire-tubes in which furnaces heats the boiler
Marine steam generators SKI, once through boilers Standardkessel Italiana has produced the SKI steam-generator.
Marine Steam generators TT, once through boilers The steam generator is a mono tube flash boiler. "Once through boiler" means that the feed water enters into one end of a heated tube and steam exits from the other end
Stirling marine steam boiler The Stirling marine steam boiler was originally built by The Stirling Consolidated Boiler Company in Baberton, Ohio, U.S.A., until 1906, when Babcock and Wilcox bought the design from them
Sunrod marine steam boilers In a Sunrod marine steam boiler a waterwall makes a gas-tight furnace from which the flue gases pass through the Sunrod pin tube elements to the smoke-box on the top of the boiler. The Sunrod boilers are nowadays manufactured by Aalborg Boilers.
Thornycroft marine steam boiler These marine steam boilers have an upward narrowing shape and call for, especially if they are placed side by side, a larger space than other square-shaped boilers
water-tube marine steam boiler A water-tube boiler consists of a large number of closely spaced water-tubes connected to one or more drums, which act as water pockets and steam separators, giving rapid water circulation and quick steaming
Yarrow marine steam boilers A Yarrow marine steam boiler consist of an upper steam drum connected by banks of inclined water-tubes to two lower water drums