Marine steam boilers development

Marine Steam Boilers Development


Fire-tube boilers   A marine steam boiler that is fired in one or more large fire-tubes inside the water space and the hot furnace gases, on their way to the funnel, passes through smoke-tubes also in the water space. In modern boiler versions the hots gases passes three times through the boilers water space.
Water tube boilers   A marine steam boiler consisting of a large number of closely spaced water tubes connected to one or more drums, which act as water pockets and steam separators, giving rapid water circulation and quick steaming. Best when higher steam pressure is required.
Composite boilers   A combination of an oil-fired marine steam boiler and an diesel engine exhaust gas economizer. These boilers are very common in modern diesel engine propelled ships.
Nuclear boilers   Nowadays marine nuclear boilers are used in large navy ships and in icebreakers serving in Arctic waters.